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Product Information & Outstanding Effect

Product Information - Visionup Strobe Glasses 2MJ-03SE

Visionup Strobe Glasses are the special glasses developed for Sport Vision Training. LCD lenses controlled by CPU blink between transparent and opaque at a rate set by the user. This unusual vision creates two kinds of outstanding effects as described below and improve your sport vision dramatically. 10-year children to aged people, amateurs to professionals, or lighter training to heavier training, Visionup Strobe Glasses are very easy to use and effective. One set contains of a pair of main glasses, a remote controller, AC Adopter, USB cable, a nose pad (bigger size for replacement), head band, lens cleaning cloth, pouch, and a hard case.

Outstanding Effects by Visionup Strobe Glasses

Visual Overloading Effect:
Blinking lenses blind you intermittently and make it more difficult to see and collect visual information. Your visual system tries to cover the non-visible parts. It stimulates your eye ball muscles and makes eye-ball movement smoother and quicker. As the result, your visual skills are improved.

Slow-Motion Effect:
In addition, Visionup Strobe Glasses also make stroboscopic effect or “slow-motion effect”. Properly adjusted blinking can show you very fast moving object as if slowly moving or being stationary. This effect improves your anticipation of moving objects.

Normally you are aware of improvement by the first use and obtain a persistent effect by the training, for 1 to 3 month, each 10 to 15 min., every other day (not necessary every day), during your warm-up or basic practice.

Basic Technology

Visionup Strobe Glasses are equipped with high speed LCD (liquid crystal display) controlled by CPU (Central Processing Unit). Turning on Visionup, you can not see when LCD is on, i.e., a lens is opaque but you can see when LCD is off, i.e., a lens is transparent. The blinking time is shown as Frequency or Hz, 1Hz to 200Hz, adjustable by 1Hz. In addition to that, opaque ratio is also shown as Duty Ratio (D), 30% to 95%, adjustable by 1%. Therefore, you can get any setting as you want according to your purpose or circumstances.

Frequency Adjustment

Visionup's LCD lenses repeat transparent (open) and opaque (closed) continuously. To change this speed is the frequency adjustment. The frequency is adjustable 1Hz to 200Hz, every 1Hz.

It is more effective to adjust the frequency higher in order to see a ball's rotation or orbit and lower to carry sport vision enhancement training.

With higher frequency

More suitable to see a ball's rotation or orbit.

With lower frequency

More suitable to carry sport vision enhancement training.

Duty Ratio Adjustment

Duty Ratio means the percentage of not visible time in each blinking cycle.

To change this percentage is the duty ratio adjustment.

The Duty Ratio is adjustable 30% to 95%, every 1%.

Duty Ratio shall be adjusted according to your training purpose or level.
In addition, it shall be adjusted depending on the brightness.>

It is more effective to adjust the duty ratio higher to see high speed object and lower to see low speed object.

With higher duty ratio

More suitable to see high speed Object but the vision becomes darker.

With lower duty ratio

More suitable to see lower speed object to check the stream of that with tails..

*The proper adjustment of frequency and duty ratio depend on a kind of sports and each individual.