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2012/01/03 | Comparison with NIKE SPARQ VAPORT STROBE Sport Training Eyewear

Visionup Strobe Glasses for dynamic vision training is the first LCD Strobe Glasses invented in the world. A little later on, Messrs. NIKE, a famous sports goods manufacturer, introduced SPARQ VAPORT STROBE Sport Training Eyewear.

Although NIKE glasses are not available in the market anymore, as we are getting a lot of queries regarding the comparison or difference between two products, just for your information, an objective comparison is shown as below.

Item Visionup Nike Sparq
LCD blinking times 1〜200Hz 1〜10Hz, adjustable with 8 levels.
Adjustable unit Every 1Hz Level by Level
Duty Ratio(close ratio) Adjustable (30〜99%) Not adjustable
Adjustable unit every 1% -
Both/Right/Left Changeable Changeable
Sleep (Pause) Function Available Not available(?)
Remote controller Available Not available
Memory function Available(5 pattern) Not available
Electricity source Battery integrated Battery integrated
Electricity charging Home AC source/USB connecter -

The present selling price of Nike Sparq was U.S.$295.00 in U.S.A.

The present selling price of Visionup is J.Yen 50,000 or Approx. U.S.$500.00 including shipping cost.

Is the price more important for you? Or is the performance more important for you? Of course, it depends on the effectiveness as well.

According to some of our customers those purchased and tried the both of glasses, Nike Sparq is ...

"No comparison!"

"Just like a toy!"

If you wish to study more, please see instruction manuals of the both products by browsing up PDF Files.

Instruction Manual of NIKE SPARQ VAPORT STROBE Eyewear

Instruction Manual of Visionup Strobe Glasses

Ps. NIKE has withdrawn from the market by the end of 2012 as the article is found in the ineternet.

2011/10/15 | Wolfsburg FC of German Bundesliga introduced Visionup for sports-vision training!

According to a special article in SPORT BILD 39 | 2011, Felix Magath, Manager of Wolfsburg FC, German Bundesliga, has introduced Visionup Strobe Glasses as a part of the sports-vision training by their optic trainer.

Magath said, "In U.S.A., NBA or NHL had already introduced sports-vision training many years ago and that has been very effective and successful. Here in Germany also sports-vision training should be 'must' very soon."

Magath decided to hire Mr. Stephan Berner, an optic specialist as the trainer for sports-vision. (He is one of the distributors of Visionup in Germany as well.)

All players are to have 10 to 15 min. training of sports vision every day by using Visionup Strobe Glasses. They are requested to do the same at home.

2011/09/25 | Press Release

PRLOG Press Release





2010/12/05 | Link Site

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