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Mr. Tetsuya TamuraMr. Tetsuya Tamura, born in 1958, graduating from Kyoto Sangyo University in 1981. Dip. of Business Administration, International Business Course., working for Messrs. Murata Machinery, Ltd. in Kyoto, Japan for 17 years, 1986 - 1992, staying in former West Germany to promote Textile Machinery in European market, 1992 - 1998, working in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh to establish sales network in India and promote Textile Machinery in that region, starting the own business in 1998 to import life goods, through the experience of international trade advisor, in 2006 established Appreciate Planning Pvt. Co., and in 2010 opened Primary Shop for Visionup Strobe Glasses.

I am Tamura, Webmaster of Primary Shop. Please contact me anytime for your query.

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Thank you very much for your visiting our webshop of Visionup Strobe Glasses for sport vision training.

We are looking forward to receiving your precious orders and offers to be our local distributer. Should you have any query, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime. I thank you very much for your time.

Sincerely of yours,

Tamura Tetsuya, Webshop Master of Primary Shop

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2012/01/03 | Comparison with NIKE SPARQ VAPORT STROBE Sport Training Eyewear

Visionup Strobe Glasses for dynamic vision training is the first LCD Strobe Glasses invented in the world. A little later on, Messrs. NIKE, a famous sports goods manufacturer, introduced SPARQ VAPORT STROBE Sport Training Eyewear.

Although NIKE glasses are not available in the market anymore, as we are getting a lot of queries regarding the comparison or difference between two products, just for your information, an objective comparison is shown as below.

Item Visionup Nike Sparq
LCD blinking times 1〜200Hz 1〜10Hz, adjustable with 8 levels.
Adjustable unit Every 1Hz Level by Level
Duty Ratio(close ratio) Adjustable (30〜99%) Not adjustable
Adjustable unit every 1% -
Both/Right/Left Changeable Changeable
Sleep (Pause) Function Available Not available(?)
Remote controller Available Not available
Memory function Available(5 pattern) Not available
Electricity source Battery integrated Battery integrated
Electricity charging Home AC source/USB connecter -

The present selling price of Nike Sparq was U.S.$295.00 in U.S.A.

The present selling price of Visionup is J.Yen 50,000 or Approx. U.S.$500.00 including shipping cost.

Is the price more important for you? Or is the performance more important for you? Of course, it depends on the effectiveness as well.

According to some of our customers those purchased and tried the both of glasses, Nike Sparq is ...

"No comparison!"

"Just like a toy!"

If you wish to study more, please see instruction manuals of the both products by browsing up PDF Files.

Instruction Manual of NIKE SPARQ VAPORT STROBE Eyewear

Instruction Manual of Visionup Strobe Glasses

Ps. NIKE has withdrawn from the market by the end of 2012 as the article is found in the ineternet.

2011/10/15 | Wolfsburg FC of German Bundesliga introduced Visionup for sports-vision training!

According to a special article in SPORT BILD 39 | 2011, Felix Magath, Manager of Wolfsburg FC, German Bundesliga, has introduced Visionup Strobe Glasses as a part of the sports-vision training by their optic trainer.

Magath said, "In U.S.A., NBA or NHL had already introduced sports-vision training many years ago and that has been very effective and successful. Here in Germany also sports-vision training should be 'must' very soon."

Magath decided to hire Mr. Stephan Berner, an optic specialist as the trainer for sports-vision. (He is one of the distributors of Visionup in Germany as well.)

All players are to have 10 to 15 min. training of sports vision every day by using Visionup Strobe Glasses. They are requested to do the same at home.

2011/09/25 | Press Release

PRLOG Press Release





2010/12/05 | Link Site

Studio of Dynamic Vision Training in Germany

MJ Labolatory Japan (Manufacturer's site)

Strobe Glasses for Police/Military

2010/06/27 | site open!! 2010/6/27

site open!! 2010/6/27

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List of Overseas Distributors

North America

Messrs. Neuro-Fitness
33631 SE Redmond-Fall City Rd.
Fall City, WA 98024
TEL: 425-222-0830
Person in charge: Mr. Richard Daab

Messrs. Oculus Sports Vision
326 Roosevelt Ave, Lyndhurst,
NJ 07071
TEL: 2015387131
Person in charge: Dr. Frank Benedetto

718 N Diamond Bar Blvd.
Diamond Bar
CA 91765
TEL: +1-909-861-3737
Person in charge: Dr. Taylor Bladh

Messrs. Peak Performance Athletics, LLC
949 18th Ave, Honolulu,
HI 96816
TEL: +1-808-371-3359
Person in charge: Mr. Steve Lee

Attn: Mr. Don Pennington
845 SW 30th St. Suite 104
Corvallis Oregon 97331

Messrs. Eye Canada
1-1200 Wiverley Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3T0P4
TEL: 204487901
Person in charge: Michael Nelson

Mr. Damon Umscheid
127 4th Ave. SW
High River, Alberta,
TEL: 1-403-700-8365


C/- Luxottica IOL
75 Talavera Road
Macquarie Park, NSW 2113

Attn.: Mr. Robert Ng
1/49 Onslow Ave.
Auckland 1023,
New Zealand


Messrs. Gymi Sports
Tijmhof 7,
4907 BC Oosterhout,
The Netherlands,
Person in charge: Mr. Gijs Segers

Attn: Patrick Foletti
Tannenbodenstrasse 4
CH-6045 Meggen
TEL: 41794476206

Mr. David Kostelecky
Rozhrani 392,
Czech Republic
TEL: 00420777551205

Messrs. Castellani S.a.a.
Via IV Novembre 36
25010 San Zeno Naviglio
Tel +39 0303534102
Person in charge: Andrea Fava

Mr. Enrique Guldberg
Av de Castelldefels, Km 17,5
(club de Tenis Andres Gimeno)
CP 08860, Castelldefels,
Barcelona, SPAIN
TEL: +34685994924

Messrs. Otica medica de baltar,
Av. Bombeiros Voluntarios, 1493,
4585-015 Baltar,
TEL: +351917321452
Person in charge: Professor Jorge Manuel Martins Jorge

Messrs. Oculista do Fejio, LDA
Rua Dr. Antonio Elvas, 49A 2810-167
Fejio, Almada,
Person in charge: Mr. Marco Marciano

Messrs. Foundation for an open society - Romania
33. Caderea Bastiliei St., Sector 1
Tel: +40722243600
Person in charge: Gabriel Petrescu, Executive Director

Messrs. bfp Versand Anton Lindemann eK
Logabirumer Str. 10 A
D - 26789 Leer
Tel : +49 (0)491 - 97 92 10
Person in charge.: Mr. Anton Lindemann

Calle Galileo Galilei 116
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28939 Madrid, ESPANA
TEL: +34 91 668 70 44
Person in chage: Cristina Gallardo

Messrs. ARD Medical Ltd.
Mimar Sinan Mah. Yedpa Tic. Mer. G Cad.
No.86 Atasehir Istanbul
Person in charge.: Mr. Ali Yuksel

Performance Teknoloji Medikal Ticaret
Koruturk Mah. Kaucuk sk. No.13/2
Balcova/Izmir PO35330
Person in charge: Eren Mehmet Bozoglu

Overseas Distributors Wanted

In order to increase the users of Visionup Strobe Glasses in the world, we are now looking for our overseas distributors.

The initial condition to be our overseas distributor is very simple.
The scheme with a small investment is available.

Please note that the initial condition might change anytime without any prior notice. We do not request you any other conditions, such as, some big stock,deposit money, guarantee fee, etc.

At the moment, the market is just open and any party or companies can be our overseas distributor upon fulfilling of the above condition. An individual entrepreneur is also much welcome.

If you are interested in being our overseas distributor, for the details, please fulfil the format below and send it.
The detail conditions to be our distributor will be sent you by e-mail.

All of the information we receive will be protected according to our privacy information policy.

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Visionup Athlete VA10-AF


Specifications of Visionup Strobe Glasses

Power System Rechargeable Battery Temp.& Humidity
Rating voltage 100VAC - 220VAC Pause Currency 2.5mA
Battery Voltage 3.7V Storage Temp.
Charging Time
2.5〜3.0 hours under 15℃〜35℃ (4H for the first time)  
Battery Specs.
Polymer Lithium Ion rechargeable battery (3.7VAC, 170mAh)  
Power Consumption
3.3mW at Duty Ratio 95%, 50Hz
Operating Current
9mA at Duty Ratio 95%, 50Hz.
Weight and Size
Unit:50g with a battery, GW: 280g, Box: H75xW80xL200mm


Field Tests and Results

(1) Test of visual improvement for Baseball Batting

18 players of elementary school  (Age 10 to 12 years old)
Ball speed: 60km/H
Setting of Visionup:
Frequency: 60Hz (60 times blinking per second)
Duty Ratio: 50% (Lenses closing ratio in each blinking)

Test method: to see and recognize a certain number written on each ball
1. Without Visionup before using Visionup
2. With Visionup
3. Without Visionup after using Visionup
- Each player tries 20 balls thrown by a pitching machine in each test.
- To check the success ratio

Test Result

1. Without Visionup before using Visionup: Average 10%
2. With Visionup: Average 13%
3. Without Visionup after using Visionup: 21%

(2) Test of visual improvement for Baseball Batting

17 players of Junior high school (Age 14 to 15 years old)
Ball speed: 90km/H
Setting of Visionup:
Frequency: 90Hz (90 times blinking per second)
Duty Ratio: 50% (Lenses closing ratio in each blinking)

Test Method: to see and check a certain number written on each ball
1. Without Visionup before using Visionup
2. With Visionup
3. Without Visionup after using Visionup
- Each player tries 20 balls thrown by a pitching machine in each test.
- To check the success ratio

Test Result

1. Without Visionup before using Visionup: Average 13%
2. With Visionup: Average 15%
3. Without Visionup after using Visionup: Average 20%

(3) Baseball Bunt Training and Test

*Bunt means the act of hitting a baseball lightly without swinging a bat.

16 players of university baseball club members
Ball speed: 140km〜145km/H
2 weeks, 6 times training, every two days
Setting of Visionup
Frequency: 20Hz (20 times blinking per second)
Duty Ratio: 50% (50% of lenses closing ratio in each blinking)

Test Method:
- Each player tries 20 balls thrown by a pitching machine.
- Group A:
8 players with Visionup,
At first 15 balls with Visionup, later 5 balls without Visionup
- Group B:
8 players without Visionup,
20 balls without Visionup
- To check the success ratio

Test result:

Group A: Before training 27.5% After training 44.1%
Group B: Before training 28.7% After training 35.3%

(4) Soccer Lifting Training and Test

12 players of University students
Setting of Visionup:
Frequency: 5Hz (5 times blinking per second)
Duty Ratio: 50% (Lenses closing ratio in each blinking)
Test and training method:
Soccer ball lifting training, in 1.2m x 1.2m square,
each 10 min., every two days, 16 times
to check the maximum times of ball lifting

Test result

Without Visionup, Beginner, 3 players >>> No increase
Without Visionup, Intermediates, 3 players >>> No increase
Without Visionup, Beginner, 3 players >>> Increased by two times
Without Visionup, Intermediates, 3 players >>> Increased by two times

(5) Squash - Hitting & Reception

10 members of a sport club
Age 31 to 62, Beginners and Intermediates

Training Method: All members with Visionup
1 to 2 times / week X 7 weeks 
1) Direct hitting against wall, the best score among three trials
2) Reception of service near to wall, sucess times among 10 receptions

Setting of Visionup
Frequency: For 1), 30Hz (30 times blinking per second)
For 1), 50Hz (50 times blinking per second)
Duty Ratio: 50% (50% of lenses closing ratio in each blinking)

Test result

Beginners Before Test After Test
Against Wall(1m) Forehand 16.7 39.2
Backhand 13.3 36.9
Against Wall(3m) Forehand 11.4 35.3
Backhand 8.6 26.8
Against Wall(5m) Forehand 3.3 13.4
Backhand 6.6 12.0
Reception Forehand 1.6 1.6
Backhand 1.8 2.0
Intermediates Before Test After Test
Against Wall(1m) Forehand 26.6 52.1
Backhand 17.9 43.9
Against Wall(3m) Forehand 18.8 53.2
Backhand 11.4 32.1
Against Wall(5m) Forehand 9.1 21.7
Backhand 8.7 17.5
Reception Forehand 4.0 6.5
Backhand 3.7 6.5


Users Advantages & Applications

Usage Applications

Visionup Strobe Glasses are applicable to all sports requiring sport vision skills.
They are effective to improve, maintain, or restore your visual ability.

Baseball, Softball, Clicket, Football, Soccer,
Futsal, Rugby, Hockey, Golf, Lacrosse,
Bascketball, Handball, Tennis, Badminton,
Squash, Table Tennis (Ping-pong), Volleyball,
Clay Shooting, Shooting, Archerry, Biathlon,
Martial Arts, Boxing, Karate, Kendo, Fencing,
Motor Sports, Car Race, Motorbike Race, Boat Race, etc.

Users' Advantages

- You would see moving objects much slower and clearer.

- You would see rotation and orbit of moving objects'.

- You would get a good and sustainable concentration.

- You would be more aware of your surroundings.

- You would improve reaction, quickness, agility, etc.

Usage Examples


1) Swing check-up
You can check the orbit of your own swing.
You can see if your swing is outside-in or inside-out.

2) Club face check-up
You can check your club face at the time of impact.
You can see if your club face is too open or too closed.

3) Impact position check-up
You can check if you hit the ball at the right position of the club face.
You can see if you hit the ball at the wrong places like edge side or shaft side.

4) You can check the other players' swing as well.
5) You would not have so-called 'head-up' problem any more.

Baseball / Softball

Visionup Strobe Glasses can be introduced to the daily training of Baseball, Softball, or Cricket as below.

1) To see a ball's rotation or orbit so that the batter can make a quicker judgement against the balls orbit to hit.

2) To hit the ball properly and at the same time to check the batting impact.

3)To improve the basic batting skills by adding additional load onto the batter's vision with Visionup. After putting off Visionup, each batting training becomes much easier than before.



Product Information & Outstanding Effect

Product Information - Visionup Strobe Glasses 2MJ-03SE

Visionup Strobe Glasses are the special glasses developed for Sport Vision Training. LCD lenses controlled by CPU blink between transparent and opaque at a rate set by the user. This unusual vision creates two kinds of outstanding effects as described below and improve your sport vision dramatically. 10-year children to aged people, amateurs to professionals, or lighter training to heavier training, Visionup Strobe Glasses are very easy to use and effective. One set contains of a pair of main glasses, a remote controller, AC Adopter, USB cable, a nose pad (bigger size for replacement), head band, lens cleaning cloth, pouch, and a hard case.

Outstanding Effects by Visionup Strobe Glasses

Visual Overloading Effect:
Blinking lenses blind you intermittently and make it more difficult to see and collect visual information. Your visual system tries to cover the non-visible parts. It stimulates your eye ball muscles and makes eye-ball movement smoother and quicker. As the result, your visual skills are improved.

Slow-Motion Effect:
In addition, Visionup Strobe Glasses also make stroboscopic effect or “slow-motion effect”. Properly adjusted blinking can show you very fast moving object as if slowly moving or being stationary. This effect improves your anticipation of moving objects.

Normally you are aware of improvement by the first use and obtain a persistent effect by the training, for 1 to 3 month, each 10 to 15 min., every other day (not necessary every day), during your warm-up or basic practice.

Basic Technology

Visionup Strobe Glasses are equipped with high speed LCD (liquid crystal display) controlled by CPU (Central Processing Unit). Turning on Visionup, you can not see when LCD is on, i.e., a lens is opaque but you can see when LCD is off, i.e., a lens is transparent. The blinking time is shown as Frequency or Hz, 1Hz to 200Hz, adjustable by 1Hz. In addition to that, opaque ratio is also shown as Duty Ratio (D), 30% to 95%, adjustable by 1%. Therefore, you can get any setting as you want according to your purpose or circumstances.

Frequency Adjustment

Visionup's LCD lenses repeat transparent (open) and opaque (closed) continuously. To change this speed is the frequency adjustment. The frequency is adjustable 1Hz to 200Hz, every 1Hz.

It is more effective to adjust the frequency higher in order to see a ball's rotation or orbit and lower to carry sport vision enhancement training.

With higher frequency

More suitable to see a ball's rotation or orbit.

With lower frequency

More suitable to carry sport vision enhancement training.

Duty Ratio Adjustment

Duty Ratio means the percentage of not visible time in each blinking cycle.

To change this percentage is the duty ratio adjustment.

The Duty Ratio is adjustable 30% to 95%, every 1%.

Duty Ratio shall be adjusted according to your training purpose or level.
In addition, it shall be adjusted depending on the brightness.>

It is more effective to adjust the duty ratio higher to see high speed object and lower to see low speed object.

With higher duty ratio

More suitable to see high speed Object but the vision becomes darker.

With lower duty ratio

More suitable to see lower speed object to check the stream of that with tails..

*The proper adjustment of frequency and duty ratio depend on a kind of sports and each individual.


Sport Vision & Better Performance

Sport Vision Training boosts your performance!

All sports start with vision. Every reactions start with vision. Therefore, athletes with superior vision skills perform better on the playing field.

When we see things, the image of objects is first caught by our eyes, reflected on our retinas, sent to our brain through optic nerves, and then recognized as an image there.

It is instant when the object is stationary but it takes generally 0.5 to 0.6 seconds when it is moving. Shorter "delay of perception" you have, quicker reflects and timing you can get. In this sense, Sport Vision is 'The Trigger' to level up your performance.

Sport Vision composes several different visual skills.

Perhaps you know that there are several important vision skills, such as, Dynamic Vision (Dynamic Visual Acuity), Eye Tracking, Peripheral Vision, Depth Perception, Eye and Hand Coordination, etc.

For example, Dynamic Visual Acuity is inevitable for baseball or cricket players. Eye-foot Coordination is important for soccer or tennis players, while Peripheral Vision is crucial for basketball or handball.

Dynamic Visual Acuity:
Dynamic visual acuity enables you to see objects clearly when they are moving quickly.

Peripheral Awareness:
This ability involves perceiving what's going on at either side of you without turning your head. Eye doctors test for peripheral vision loss by having you look straight ahead while lights flash at various angles off to the side.

Depth Perception:
This visual ability enables you to make spatial judgments, including how far away an object or person is from you.

Eye and Hand Coordination:
Hand-eye coordination is the ability of the vision system to coordinate the information received through the eyes to control, guide, and direct the hands in the accomplishment of a given task, such as handwriting or catching a ball.

The reason why your sport vision can be trained.

Just like strength and endurance for your legs or arms, your visual skills can be trained too! Why? Because mostly sport vision skills depend on the effect of eye-ball muscles those make eye-balls work much smoother and quicker.

Therefore, if you can train your eye-ball muscles, you can improve your visual skills – visual fitness and accuracy.