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Blinking LCD lenses improve sport visions, visual skills, and athletic performances.


Strobe Glasses for Sport Vision <Visionup Athlete> VA11-AF-CB Color: Carbon Black

Visionup Strobe Glasses VA11-AF for adult athletes' sport vision training. Visionup Strobe Glasses are designed to train your visual ability and stimulate your brain. Using LCD + CPU technology, the lenses flicker between clear and opaque according to the setting of frequency (1Hz, 3Hz, 5Hz, 10Hz, 20Hz, 30Hz, 50Hz, 80Hz, 100Hz, and 150Hz) and opaque ratio (30% - 70%). Lower frequency range regulates your visual information by intermittent “shutter effect” and force you to process more efficiently. Higher frequency range makes it possible for you to see the orbit of very high speed objects by “slow motion effect” or strobe effect. The brightness can be adjusted by changing the opaque ratio. Visionup Strobe Glasses also make sport vision training possible just during your daily drills or exercises. No extra menu for vision training is required. All you have to do is put Visionup for 15 min., every two or three days, for two to three months during your daily exercises. Visionup Strobe Glasses are designed to be safe, flexible, and light thanks to Polycarbonate very thin LCD lenses and nylon frames. Visionup Strobe Glasses must be the best training gear to improve your visual ability and athletic performance. The price is Japanese Yen 50,000 per set including a pair of strobe glasses and all accessories as below. The transportation fee from Japan to your address by EMS (Express Mail Service by Japan Post, insurance, and one year warranty are also included.

Strobe Glasses for Sport Vision <Visionup Athlete> VA11-AF-CB Color: Carbon Black


50,000円 (税込)

購入数: set



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Contents included per set
Visionup Junior VA11-AF-CB Carbon Black all contents ●A pair of Visionup Strobe Glasses

●AC Adapter (100V〜240V) with a cable and 100V plug

●Soft Pauch for a pair of glasses

●Hard Case for a pair of glasses

●Lens Cleaning Cloth

●Instruction Manual

●Warranty Sheet for one year